The Causes and Cures for Nerve Pain

It can feel like pins and needles, a shock, burning, an acute pain, or just a really annoying tingle. Nerve pain can take on many forms, but often most people don’t know what’s causing it. Nerves can be damaged in plenty of ways, both by injury and sickness. Things like diabetes, celiac disease, trauma, and other problems can damage your nerves, and cause pain.

Nerves are like the messengers of your body, and if they are damaged then they don’t send the right messages. They could go numb, or send pain messages through your body until your brain is bombarded.

Not Always an Answer

Since there are so many causes for nerve pain in the medical world, there’s also a term for when doctors can’t find the pain. It’s called idiopathic neuropathy, and it basically says that nerve damage had happened to your body at some point, but they don’t know how or why.

Some suspect prediabetes and the rise in blood sugars to cause the problem, or high blood pressure and obesity. For most people, the numbness is often in the hands and feet, and the nerve damage can simply be ignored or not noticed because it’s just numb.

Caring for Damaged Nerves

your brain is bombarded.stem cell treatment for nerve damage

Simple actions for nerve numbness or pain in hands and feet can be easy to start. Simply walking can expand the blood vessels and heal the damaged nerves, while taking care of your hands and moving them regularly can help as well. You can also seek meditation or hypnosis training to attempt to control your nerves.

After all, the message system is a two-way street, and if your nerves can send messages to your brain you can often do the same thing. Just control your brain and start giving the nerves your own messages. It’s not as hard or complicated as you might think, and it just takes some time.

Using a Stem cell

Stem cells are specialized cells that can perform a number of specialized functions in the body, and doctors are using them to repair nerve damage that can’t be fixed any other way. While the brain and spinal nerve injuries have been successfully treated, doctors are now discussing the possibility of using stem cell treatment for nerve damage.

Research done with mice shows that injecting human stem cells into injured legs allowed the nerves to grow back and regenerate much quicker. Then the mice were able to use those legs after a period of time without any trouble. It could be a way to get human nerve pain treated and repaired if future tests are successful.

Dealing with the Pain

Whether you know the cause of your nerve pain or not, there are several ways, both medical and holistic than can help you deal with the pain. Whether you put your stock in medication or biofeedback, the pain and sensation of nerves can be dealt with and handled, so you don’t have to live with the pain anymore.